Hellermann Tyton I-2/SF 14mm O.d-30mm O.d Straight Resin Kit

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14mm O.D-30mm O.D Straight resin kit

The special “Safe Filling” (SF) system makes RELICON cast resin joint products a pleasure to work with. When followed correctly, SF ensures that any contact with the cast resin can be avoided and the fitter has visual control of the mixing and filling steps at all time. Resin and hardener are mixed in a transparent double-chamber pouch. The mixture can be easily poured into the joint sleeve once the supplied nozzle is securely pressed onto the adapter ring in the pouch. The transparent cable joint parts guarantee that the fitter can visually control the entire filling process. The hydrophobic (dewatering) cast resin is environmentally safe. The mixture can be disposed of as regularhousehold waste.Excellent hydrolytic stability makes RELICON cast resins particularly suitable for reliable long-term applications.

Brand Name Hellermann Tyton
Item Name Resin Joint Kit
Box Quantity 1
Length 276mm
Size 14mm-32mm
Material Polyurethane
Height 49mm
Shelf Life 48 months
Finish Polyurethane/Resin
Colour Green
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