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About CNW

CNW Electrical is a 100% Australian owned distribution and supply chain manager for a wide variety of local and international customers. Our comprehensive range of high quality, reliable products and services are available online and through our expansive national branch network.


We provide quality, cost-effective and innovative solutions backed by domain knowledge and excellent service. Our experience in major project and materials management is unparalleled as a result, some of the world’s biggest companies have granted us blanket supply agreements.



We are proud of our reputation for being fair and reliable and we value our long-term relationships with suppliers, customers, staff and communities.

Financial Strength

As part of the BGW Group, we have the financial strength, sourcing experience and global buying power to manage materials for the world's largest projects.

Financial Strength

Our Team

  • 100% Australian owned since 1938
    100% Australian owned since 1938
  • 6,000 Suppliers Domestic and International
    3,000 Suppliers Domestic and International
  • Family owned and operated
    Family owned and operated
  • 1,100+ staff
    600+ staff
  • 60+ stores servicing Australia
    60+ stores servicing Australia
  • Part of the BGW Group Wholesaling Business est. 1982
    1974 Webb Family Business Established